Digital Content Creation

Unleash your creativity with our Digital Content Creation Program, where ideas leap from your imagination into digital reality. Navigate the essentials of visual storytelling, animate with purpose and design with innovation. This journey transforms your artistic vision into a vibrant digital portfolio, ready to make its mark on the digital world. Dive in, design, animate, create – your canvas awaits.


This comprehensive four-term program ensures a deep understanding and proficiency in visualization, foundations of 3D, CGI, Real-time 3D & VFX, preparing you for a dynamic career in the digital realm.

TERM 1 - Design & Visualization

  • Concepts of Graphics & Illustrations
  • Typography Techniques
  • Vector Illustrations
  • Digital Photo Art
  • Design for Print & Advertising
  • Digital & Interactive Publishing
  • Introduction to Generative Al. (Introduction/Generating Text/Image/Music/Code)
  • Digital Art Portfolio

TERM 2 - Motion Design

  • Motion Design - Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Audio Craft - Adobe Audition CC
  • Motion Graphics - Adobe After Effects CC
  • Digital Art and Animation - Adobe Animate CC

TERM 3 - UI & Front End Design

  • Web Designing Concepts
  • Building Next Generation Websites
  • Web Development using AngularJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Design & Development using Programming Language
  • Elements of User Interface (UI) Design
  • Pillars of UI Design
  • Designing for Interaction

TERM 4 - Specialization & Digital Portfolio Development

Students choose one elective:

  • Digital Design (Branding & Social Media)
  • Motion Graphics
  • Web Design
  • UI Design


Visual Communication Design
Graphic Designer. | Vector Illustrator | Brand Designer | Photo Editor | Typography Designer | Digital Publication Designer | Visual Designer

Front End & UI Design
UI Designer | Creative Designer | Product Designer | Web Designer | UI Design Consultant | Wireframe and Prototype Designer

Motion Design & 2D Content
Audio-Video Editor | Motion Graphic Designer | Storyboard Artist | 2D Animator | Production Assistant (Digital Film) | Digital Media Producer | Colourist | Motion Designer | Generative Al Artist