Realtime 3D

3DRT – Realtime 3D is a training program that covers the fundamentals and techniques of animation, providing a thorough understanding of the latest industry software and tools. It prepares students for a career in animation, encouraging creativity and imagination.

3DRT – Visual Effects offers extensive training in all areas of visual effects, equipping students for employment and advancement in the AVGC industry. This program covers three key aspects over its term duration.


Abbrevations :
Below are the indications to interpret course structures with respective Mandatory /non-mandatory points

Theory Hours:

  • Theory Hours are Mandatory to be delivered as per the program and will be tracked in Aptrack

LAB Hours:

  • LAB Hours are Mandatory to be delivered as per the program and will be tracked in Aptrack

Practical Hours :

  •  Practical Hours are NOT mandatory for program delivery and will not be considered under Aptrack for tracking and program duration
  • Practical Hours to be communicated as suggested additional practice sessions to strengthen students learning
  • These Hours can be practiced by the student either at the centre by prior booking the LAB or another appropriate
    venue as convenient to the student

Note: Course monitoring will be limited to Theory hours and Lab hours sessions only

Term 1: Design & Visualisation

  • Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations
  • Cinematography and Photography Basics
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Graphic Art and Illustrations
  • Video Magic
  • Storytelling in Motion
  • Sound Magic
  • Digital Visual Effects

Term 2: 3D Foundation

  • Beginners Guide to 3D
  • VFX Storytelling and 3D Pre-Visualization
  • Art of Maya Modeling
  • Art of Maya Texturing
  • PBR Texturing Workflow
  • Art of Maya Lighting and Rendering
  • Introduction to Rigging with MAYA
  • Introduction to 3D Animation with Maya
  • Introduction to Generative AI

Term 3A: Visual Effects

  • Dynamic Paint FX with Maya
  • Introduction to Procedural VFX Workflow
  • Rotoscopy Techniques with Silhouette
  • Art of Camera Tracking
  • Nuke Basics
  • Wire Removal
  • Colour Correction with Nuke
  • Green and Blue Screen Magic
  • Matte Painting Magic
  • 2D Tracking
  • 3D Tracking
  • Render Pass and Open EXR

Term 3B: CGI (3D) & Realtime 3D

  • Art of Digital Sculpting
  • Character Setup (Rigging) with MAYA
  • Art of Maya Character Animation
  • Crowd Replication
  • Elements of Photogrammetry
  • Realtime 3D

Term 4: Industry Ready & Portfolio Development

  • Production Management
  • Digital Portfolio Development